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Welcome to the Intersection of
Self Empowerment and
Expanding Awareness. 

Are you ready for an adventure? Together we will journey through different worlds, meet interesting people, explore exciting ideas and revisit the wisdom of the past. The value of this journey will be, enhanced clarity of yourself, our collective reality and your destiny in the world. I am dedicated to supporting as many people as I can, on their journey to self mastery, ultimate peace and abundance

Together, we will be fearless
and change the world



Need that spark or that aha moment? You’ve come to the right place. I am your inspirational catalyst. I am dedicated to sharing the most riveting, energizing, mind-blowing, heart-centered information I can to keep your inspiration powered up and your spirit ignited.  Join me. Keep your inner flame lit.



Knowledge is power. This old adage still lives today. In this fast paced world, there awesome people innovating, new discoveries popping up, riveting ideas being shared and break-thru’s happening all over the world. Stay tuned. I work hard to bring you the necessary knowledge to create positive shifts in your lives.



We are alive during a crazy time where the state of the world is reaching its threshold. There is political unrest, increasing environmental stress and a raging spiritual battle expressing itself through all aspects of life. A global paradigm shift is here! I can help you transcend all the drama to reach your fullest potential.


Kay LoveTruth is a lover of the adventure of life and is an accomplished artist and social entrepreneur. She is known in her community for being a compassionate and charismatic warrior of truth & knowledge, whose fiery passion for utilizing media for the good of all, has brought her into many projects over the years while serving small businesses, activists, spiritualists and non-profit organizations.

Kay’s intention is to cultivate a community of warriors whose compassion, collaboration, cooperation, and expanded awareness leads to creating a better world for all, by sharing, supporting, building and uniting as a collective. In her free time, she assists in organizing community events and volunteers her skills in marketing and creative writing to help organizations who are in service to people and the world.

Kay comes from a long ancestry of artists, entrepreneurs, healers, and mystics. As a very young child, she became aware that she had an intuitive voice that was incredibly strong and life has led her to foster that connection to be of greater service to the world. Since the age of 11 to present day, by the direction of her intuition, she has been magnetically drawn into investigating and researching a variety of subjects.  At present, Kay is now embarking on a new career path in video broadcasting, where she will be co-hosting a new show dedicated to creating expanded awareness of these exciting subjects.

Join the Tribe

Are you a visionary, creative catalyst or activist who has a passion for conscious media? Reach out. Let’s connect! I am also looking for production assistants, researchers, writers and production crew. Together, we can help shift millions of lives into greater happiness and peace. Be apart of the legacy.

Connect. Create. Contribute.

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