Season 1, Episode 11

Mass Manipulation of Mind by Edward Bernays with Erich Bertussi

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What is driving your desires? What is shaping your perceptions of your reality? Are you shopping for products based on your own value systems, or is it based on someone else’s? Are you being controlled by propaganda?

In order to take back our power as a people, we must understand that the last 3-4 decades has been constructed by the hands of the few, using tools to shape the world with their own selfish intent, through manufactured consent. Whether that be getting us to consent to wars, consumer products, or fashion trends.

There is one industry that is responsible for a huge chunk of the reality those of us experience who live in industrialized countries and that industry is the Advertising Industry, which also encompasses Public Relations and Marketing.

There is one man who single-handily changed the modern era, through the invention of Public Relations and that man was Edward Bernays. Join me and my guest, Marketing Guru Eric Bertussi, as we deep dive into the realm of Mass Mind Control through the Advertising Industry. 

Is your mind truly your own, or is it a by-product of years of subconscious programming, embedded by the advertising campaigns  we see each day?

Hosts & Guests

Kay LoveTruth

Erich Bertussi

Producer Jamaal Goree

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