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Episode 6 – Cultivating Emotional Awareness with Men in Relationships Pt 2

Season 1, Episode 6

 Cultivating Emotional Awareness with Men in Relationships Pt 2 with Chris Dubb


On last weeks show, we were discussing an important reality that affects us all on some level, which was – Men having difficulty communicating their emotions. Modern life is full of emotional challenges. The pressure to succeed, the need to keep up, fear of missing out or desire for good relationship and work satisfaction all evoke powerful and sometimes volatile emotions. In the world we live in today, we are very seldom taught how to maintain high emotional EQ.

Expressing your feelings is an important part of maintaining relationships, both personal and professional. Expressing yourself allows you to let another person know how you feel about a particular action or event and ensures there is no miscommunication between the two of you.

The negative affects of repressing or neglecting to communicate ones emotions can lead to a multitude of adverse consequences such as higher stress levels, muscular constriction, anxiety and depression. Emotional stress, from blocked emotions, has not only been linked to mental ills, but also to physical problems like heart disease, intestinal problems, headaches, insomnia and autoimmune disorders ⧚

The dive continues as we continue to explore the possible causes behind men having difficulty expressing emotion in a relationship.

Hosts & Guests

Kay LoveTruth

Chris Dubb

Producer Jamaal Goree

Special Thanks

Big thank you to all of my supporters  for supporting this work, giving me encouragement and sending me love. I’m so grateful. 

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