Season 1, Episode 8

 Exploring Archetypes – The Soulpreneurs Guide to Unlocking their Purpose and Power PT 2 with Beth Martens

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On last weeks show we were diving deep into the mysterious world of archetypes, exploring the idea of traveling through the energies of each archetype while coming into greater awareness of the light/shadow aspect of each of these archetypes.

Why is this valuable? If you are a visionary, social entrepreneur or an individual who wants to level up your game and master yourself, exploring the world or archetypes may offer a simple system of understanding where your energies may be blocked, how to overcome those obstacles and persevere. As we are able to step fully into our power and purpose, we then are able to be of greater service to our beautiful planet.

Today Beth will extrapolate on each phase of each archetype to help you navigate the energies of where you may be on your journey so that you can push forward to achieving your dreams.

Your Soul has a purpose. You hear the call. You know you are here for a greater purpose. Unlock the mystery of your purpose and tap into your potential through exploring archetypes. 

Hosts & Guests

Kay LoveTruth

Beth Martens

Producer Jamaal Goree

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Big thank you to all of my supporters  for supporting this work, giving me encouragement and sending me love. I’m so grateful. 

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