Season 1, Episode 9

 Intuitive Guidance in Conceiving – Spiritual Guidance during pregnancy with Joanna Foster

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⧚ Are you having difficulty with pregnancy? Have you or someone you know ever experienced having a telepathic connection with the soul of a child before they incarnated in the womb? OR Have you experienced other supernatural experiences while being pregnant that you have not been able to share with others?

Join me and my guest, Fertility Healer Joanna Foster, as we dive deep into the realm of Conception and Pregnancy. 

As an empathic and medical healer, Joanna swiftly identifies your fertility blocks, channels your baby and helps you deliver your child. If your baby is already here, and you are experiencing difficulty with continuous crying, little sleep, or something does not appear to be right, she is also able to identify what is troubling your baby.

If you or someone else you know needs spiritual support with pregnancy, please call in. We would be happy to support you. 

Have you ever wondered what spiritual reality overlays the process of birth? Do we as souls choose our parents? Do we choose when to incarnate? 

Hosts & Guests

Kay LoveTruth

Joanne Foster

Producer Jamaal Goree

Special Thanks

Big thank you to all of my supporters  for supporting this work, giving me encouragement and sending me love. I’m so grateful. 

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