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Episode 14 – How to consciously engage in dating, socializing and maintaining relationships  with David Tian

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The vast, mysterious and sometimes tumultuous world of dating – How can we better navigate our way through the world of dating? Are we behaving in a way that is conducive to finding partners that are in resonance with us? Or are we behaving in ways that push them away? Next, once we are in a relationship, how do we keep things fiery and passionate?

My guest on this show is David Tian, Author, Speaker, PHD, Professor and Dating Coach.

On this episode, we dive deep into understanding how some people, men, in particular, may have mental/emotional programs that encourage toxic behaviors while engaging in dating and forming relationships. We speak about how digging deep and living in your authenticity will magnetize the right partners. Then we go deeper into speaking about the do’s and don’ts we should take into consideration while in a deeper romantic relationship.

In this conversation we dive deep and discuss the following :

  • Shallow and superficial ways of connecting with women/men
  • Leaving hedonism; evolving into desiring a deeper connection, seeing the benefit
  • Exiting toxic social groups that go against your evolution
  • Growing up and cultivating higher self-awareness before entering into deeper relationships
  • Tackling your inner demons, really looking in the mirror and taking responsibility
  • Learning how to live more authentically, connecting to people while keeping it real, dropping the fake social masks, being your true self
  • Accessing your True self, living more confidently through that energy
  • Tapping back into your inner child, living in the magic of life
  • Getting to your true strength 
  • Narcissism in the dating world
  • Law of Correspondence; like attracts like
  • Dealing with neediness, learning how to become more whole
  • Keeping the fiery passion lit in your relationship

Are you keeping it real while dating? Or are you behaving fake and phony, then expecting to connect authentically with the right people? Listen in and learn how to improve your dating and social life. 

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David Tian

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