Season 1, Episode 16

Episode 16 Positive and Practical Benefits of Permaculture

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⧚ HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! 2019 is here and its time to start a new cycle in our lives. We are wishing you all of you the very best, abundance and happiness in all areas of your lives for the year to come.

2018 was a tough year for many full of raw emotion, deep challenge and opportunity to realize what we need to change in ourselves. As a collective, we were being exposed to many dark truths so that we could usher in an expanded awareness of what we truly face..

From more somber data around our planets climate crisis, tar sand battles, GMO’s, poisoned oceans, massive droughts to exposes on sex child rings in the church, and a political & economic climate which is reaching a threshold. Faced with world-threatening issues like these, many people numb out in hopeless overwhelm.

Faced with world-threatening issues like this – One thing is for certain – It’s time for a cultural and spiritual shift. It’s time to take back our power. It’s time to create a better way for all people and our planet. At this point in human history, we are at an exciting intersection which calls for radical action.

We are presented with a unique opportunity to heal and recreate a world which reflects our highest ideals and aspirations. Together, we can usher in a new age of peace on Earth and abundance for all people – – [Disclaimer Alert] – we are going to have to get off our asses and do the work if we wish to see a better world come to fruition. No more waiting to be saved. We are the heroes we have been waiting for.

Whether you are looking for social justice in all communities, looking to cut your energy use, growing your own food, healing your body, building sustainable communities and living off the grid, you may be apart of a courageous tribe of people on this planet who refuses to give up or give in to this slave matrix, eternal optimists who know that there are real-world solutions right here, right now that can be implemented and you strive to do your part and put in the work.

Who’s ready to pioneer a new way?

On tomorrows episode, we dive deep into the world of Permaculture – with guest > Spirit Pilkington who will be sharing his wisdom and insights on what permaculture is in his community and how it is a way of life which supports the betterment of all things on this planet.⧚

Is there a better way to bring more harmony into our world using Permaculture? Tune in and find out. 

Hosts & Guests

Kay LoveTruth

Spirit Pilkington

Producer Jamaal Goree

Special Thanks

Big thank you to all of my supporters  for supporting this work, giving me encouragement and sending me love. I’m so grateful.

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