Season 1, Episode 16

Episode 16 Positive and Practical Benefits of Permaculture

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Are you ready to destroy the shackles of Oppression? Are you apart of an oppressed community? Are you tired of being oppressed financially? Have you ever wondered if equity is possible for all people? On tomorrows episode, we dive deeper into the world of Permaculture – with guest > Spirit Pilkington. On the last part of this series, he shared his wisdom and insights on what permaculture is in his community and how it is a way of life which supports the betterment of all things on this planet. Tomorrow he and I will be exploring how Permaculture can be a positive solution for oppressed communities of people.

The following 3 area’s of oppression have affected millions of people for hundreds of years

1. Colonialism – decolonization work
2. Capitalism – new conscious economy
3. Classism – Equity for all people

The overwhelm of death, trauma and violence that many communities of people across the globe have felt due to oppression in these above-mentioned areas has continued for centuries on this planet. When colonists introduced their toxic culture to the globe, they left a wake of death and destruction, across many continents. Toxic systems of control were introduced to the areas which they colonized, that systematically oppressed and stripped the livelihood away from many communities of people; for example African people, Aboriginal People, Indian People, and Chinese People. 

A great sense of loss and grief flooded the lands as many people were murdered and their spiritual and agricultural systems which were beneficial to the Earth were lost. The exploitation of oppressed people and their lands of these regions resulted in creating future generations with amnesia – survivors who have slowly lost connection to their ancestral roots and ways of life.

As we fast-forward to 2019, there is a spiritual quickening occurring on Planet Earth, where people are waking up more to their spiritual essence, connection to nature and wanting to rediscover the wisdom of their ancestors.

The era of global oppression is truly coming to a close as many are choosing a new radical direction, deviating from consumerism, affluenza, media manipulation and choosing to lessen their participation in the slave matrix. Many people are returning to earth stewardship, living in harmony with the planet, becoming more self-sufficient, contributing to food security, expanding awareness & consciousness, becoming more compassionate, building community, seeking justice for communities of oppressed or marginalized people, seeking truth and reconnecting with the wisdom of our ancestors.

There is a courageous global tribe of people on this planet who refuses to give up or give in to this slave matrix, eternal optimists who know that there are real-world solutions right here, right now that can be implemented and they strive to do their part and put in the work. 

Who’s ready to pioneer a new way? A better world is possible. 


Is there a better way to bring more harmony into our world using Permaculture? Tune in and find out. 

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Spirit Pilkington

Producer Jamaal Goree

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