Season 1, Episode 16

Episode 16 Positive and Practical Benefits of Permaculture

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The moment we took our first breath on this planet, our awareness became automatically subjected to the cultural norms that existed within the communities that we lived in.

We were not told that we had the freedom to choose what was healthy for us and what wasn’t. Cultural norms are the standards we live by. They are the shared expectations and rules that guide behaviour of people within social groups. Cultural norms are learned and reinforced from parents, friends, teachers and others while growing up in a society.

Entertaining the thought of breaking free of certain cultural programs is very risky for many people. The possibility of being stigmatized, marginalized, abused and left out in the cold for not conforming to what is culturally accepted in a particular community is a reality that many people on this planet know all to well.

Whether you are stepping outside of your religion, country, gender assignment, spiritual belief systems, political belief systems, monetary belief systems, medical belief systems etc, it is not an easy path to walk, but it is very necessary if we are going to evolve and continue to heal and transform this world into one that is peaceful and equitable for all people.

Today we are going to dive deep into

1. Assessing Cultural Programs
2. Toxic Cultural Programs
3. Breaking Free and expressing your true Soul Self

Are you courageous enough to walk away from cultural programs that no longer serve your spiritual evolution or block you from expressing your true soul calling?

Are you ready to abandon your beliefs in order to explore other possibilities? Join me and my guest Troy Megill as we assess cultural programs and explore new perspectives. 

Are you operating from outdated cultural programs? Are there ideas or concepts within your thinking that need to change?

Hosts & Guests

Kay LoveTruth

Troy Megil

Producer Jamaal Goree

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Big thank you to all of my supporters  for supporting this work, giving me encouragement and sending me love. I’m so grateful.

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