Season 1, Episode 19

Episode 19 – Reclaiming our Sovereignty

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We have entered into a new cycle of energy on this planet. Things a shifting dramatically on a daily basis. There is a new process underway where we are remembering who we are, we are opening our eyes to new truths and we are expanding our perceptions of reality at a fierce speed never before seen on this planet. For many, this process has involved waking up to the darker parts of our collective experience and the darker parts of ourselves and this has been a huge undertaking and should not be taken lightly. 

This meant going deep down the into the proverbial rabbit hole. Learning the truths about our human origins, ancient history and the lies that have transpired within our lifespan. Going from the truth about 911 to Banksters. From oil and gas tyranny to Nikola Tesla. From Roswell to NASA flight missions. From Obelisks to the Vatican. From 1950’s ad men to Monsanto. From the implementation of water fluoridation to the destruction of our oceans. From urban development to homesteading. From rising cancer rates to natural holistic medicine. 

We have been doing a dance and balancing act between unlearning the lies we have been told about our world and ourselves and unlearning toxic mental programs, releasing past pain and imagining a new way to see the world and our place in it. The consequences of this process may have involved going through many crises on many levels of one’s personal life. For many, it has been painful, but quite rewarding to arrive at a place of greater self-empowerment, self-knowledge, and self-understanding. 

On tomorrows show, I am going to be talking again with Troy Megill about taking back our power and reclaiming our sovereignty so that we can realize the collective dream of peace and abundance for all people and also return to the ancient practices of stewardship of our planet.

We are living through a time of great change where many truths are coming to light. We are realizing where we have given our power away to institutions or ideas that no longer serve us.  Tune in and find out how to take back your power. 

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