Season 1, Episode 20

Episode 20 – Resurgence of African Power

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Is African unification dead? Are there people of African descent who are woke, ready and passionate to create positive change here in Toronto?

Tomorrows show encompasses stories that are nothing short of awesomeness. Faced with being marginalized, oppressed and slowed down by the systems of colonization, this group in Toronto have still managed to overcome, unify and co-create spaces that empower African people.

Those of you who are not of African descent may be asking yourselves “ Why does this concern me? Why is this important?” Before I answer this question, I ask you to take a small journey with me. Imagine that you were ripped from your homeland and taken to a foreign land and were enslaved, your elders killed, your way of life destroyed and homeland taken over, your hopes and dreams stripped from you and the light of wisdom that came from your ancient spiritual modalities stolen and hidden from you. How would you feel? This is what the ancestors of African people went through and that’s a really basic depiction of it. It was far worse than most of you can ever imagine especially if you come from a cultural background where your people did not suffer such a cruel fate. 

As a result of colonization, the African community around the world were dropped into an abyss of darkness and they endured many kinds of abuse due to the cruelty of their colonizers. Many Africans also became a people of amnesia, not being educated on the importance of their true African roots remaining disconnected from the wealth of wisdom that stems from ancient Africa.

It is only natural that a schism take place within the African community, where they evolved into a new people. A people whose primary inheritance was pain. They were largely disconnected from their roots, a people who operated with fear/ sadness/lower vibrations, stuck in confusion and were largely made to be stuck in a vulnerable state of constant survival, never having the opportunity to have the privileges that many other cultural groups have had as their God/Goddess given rights were taken away through violence. The loss of African Sovereignty is still something many Africans fight for today as our struggles continue. 

Now to circle back to the question I posed above – Why is this important to you? It is important firstly that you expand your heartsease, if you haven’t already and have some sympathy and compassion for what these members of our Human family have gone through. Try for a moment to place yourselves in their shoes. If you grew up in an oppressed community such as this, how would you feel? How would you feel if your ancestors were put through such atrocities? Also think about how these atrocities would affect future generations. Question whether or not you feel an oppressed people such as this would be able to express their highest potentials and become powerful contributors to our Human Civilization. Once you have taken the time to do this, you should have come to a place where you have answered the above questions for yourself, if you are a person of truth integrity, authenticity and honour.

Reality Check —> An evil done to one group, is an evil done to all of us. Until we all come to this truth, we will see such atrocities continue to repeat and this planet will never know true peace. No cultural group on this planet should have ever experienced something so horrid and saddening. This situation is also not dissimilar to what Aboriginal nations have gone through. 

Tomorrow I will have the honour to speak with an Elder here in Toronto about Tabono Institute . This is an organization that is doing awesome working in healing/building up the African community 

Can justice ever arrive for the African Diaspora? Can we heal as a collective and work together to elevate our communities? Tune in to find out.

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