Inspiring Conscious Evolution with Kay LoveTruth. Supporting you on your journey to re-discovering who you are, expanding your awareness, tapping into your power and living more consciously.

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You feel the energy. This world is on the cusp of a huge transformation. It’s time for you to take back your power and thrive!

My name is Kay LoveTruth and I am your catalyst and investigator going beyond the veils of secrecy and cultural indoctrination to discover the real truths that affect us all.

Knowledge is power. In this fast-paced world, it is so easy to get distracted by the Matrix and miss out on connecting with the right people and information that will truly help you in living your best life.

On this radio program, I save you time and energy by sharing awesome people, new discoveries, life solutions and wisdom to help you create a positive shift in your life.

I invite you to join me and share in this exciting adventure. Listen to Beyond The Veil on every Thursday at 1pm

Beyond the Veil – Inspiring Conscious Evolution

Kay Love Truth

Kay Love Truth


Fiery, curious and deeply intuitive, Kay has dedicated her life to investigating the truths of our reality and supporting others to help co-create a better world for all.

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Inner Light Radio


Inner Light Radio hosts programs pertaining to humanities evolution towards a higher consciousness. Tune in and listen

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Radio Show Introduction

Hello, world! Are you ready for an adventure? It’s time to dive deep! 
In season 1, we dive into the realms of Astrology, Expanding Self Awareness, Expression Emotion, Spiritual Archetypes, Meditation and cultivating healthier relationships.  

Season 1, Intro    

Tips for the flu Season

Are you ready for this year's flu season?Are you ready for flu season? Each year millions of people fall ill, but that doesn't have to be you. Get some quick tips on how to triumph over any flu.diligence is the keyKeep your surroundings clean. Arlington, VA, massage...

Episode 20 – Resurgence of African Power

Season 1, Episode 20 Episode 20 - Resurgence of African PowerTHURSDAY DECEMBER  6TH 2018⧚Is African unification dead? Are there people of African descent who are woke, ready and passionate to create positive change here in Toronto? Tomorrows show encompasses stories...

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